Stressful Situations With Kids

Stressful Situations With Kids

Wow.  I look back on the last week and it feels like a very, very, very bad nightmare.
Growing up on the west coast, I have never been subject to hurricanes.

Two weeks ago I was crying walking through Walmart as I shopped for Hurricane Harvey families feeling so bad for them.

Then last week as the news started reporting Hurricane Irma heading to Florida, I felt a little flutter in my stomach. I wasn’t too worried though, as with Matthew last year, it was no big deal.

As I continued to watch the news and saw the storm gaining in intensity and hurling right towards me, I began to get sick to my stomach.

I would go in one mom’s group where all the moms where worried, then I would talk to local friends that were staying put, while others fled and then my husband who was working hard wanting to wait it out.  I felt a tug of war happening with what was the right decision for my family.

One night at midnight, I woke up in a cold sweat as I heard the Florida Keys were going to be hit extremely hard and we were next in the direct path.  I knew I needed to get my family out.  Here is the thing about waiting too long to make a decision…
Gas is scarce.
Food is scarce.
The traffic took us 14.5 hours for a normally 8 hour drive.
Water is gone and I had a baby that needed formula.
Hotels are booked.
We didn’t have shutters for our entire house.  One clay roof shingle hurling towards our windows or a tree coming through the unprotected window would wreck havoc in our house.

Now I fully understood why my my local, long time Florida residents said to just get out.  It’s not just the hurricane, it’s the aftermath without power or electricity that is awful especially with a baby.  Did you know that I needed water to make the baby formula and the person who text me to offer her own water was Dr. Saadia Mohammed of Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry.  How AMAZING is she??! I love our experts so much.

In theory, it can seem easy to ask why the heck people wouldn’t be prepared.  But when you are living in the path of a natural disaster without enough funds to get hurricane proof windows and to pay all the expenses to get your family ready, and with jobs to do in your everyday work life, it is completely overwhelming.  You would expect people to understand you are in the path of a hurricane, but let me tell you, both my husband and I had employees and clients expecting us to work through it all.  At times it feels like the rest of the world continues on like normal while your world is crashing around you.  I just kept reminding myself that there are so many people that were in worst circumstances.  That is the biggest lesson I learned through this, is to be more mindful and helpful, as you never know what fellow moms are going through.  (along with the fact that my flashlights and garbage bags will do NOTHING to prepare me for a true hurricane!)

My mama bear instinct kicked in and I knew nothing mattered except keeping my family safe.
We fled our house at 2 am in the morning, taking nothing more than 2 suitcases for our family of 5.  I put on my wedding bands and grabbed the kids important documents, and the bare necessities like baby bottles to run out the door.
We drove 8 hours north to see the hurricane shifting paths and now coming towards our new location in Tallahassee.
We grabbed our kids out of bed yet again at 2 am and drove another 4 hours north to Atlanta.  I took all 3 kids 4 years of age and under and hopped on a flight to my family in Oregon.  The moment I felt the wheels lift off of the ground I felt the tension and stress melt away.  I worried about my husband, my friends and all of the families and kids that had already been devastated by the hurricane, all while trying not to appear panicked in front of the kids.

I wondered if I was the only mom still reeling after facing a hurricane emergency.  So I wanted to write to let moms know if you feel shaken up, overwhelmed and saddened for those devastated by the hurricane your are not alone.  I have never felt so many emotions in such a short amount of time.

This experience put into perspective WHAT is important and WHO is important in my life.  When you are forced to prioritize what matters, it is an eye opening experience.

Now, I have kicked into high gear wanting to help those that are without power and electricity and the babies that need food.  That is the amazing thing about stressful and devastating events, it elicits humanity to band together to help one another.  There are 100 foster kids that need food here as they do not have parents to protect them and had to evacuate to a shelter.  Please consider donating to SOS Children’s Village that helps to house and take care of these foster kids by donating on this link where you can add your contribution.  We are already working with amazing companies to raise funds for the kids with a big event next Saturday, and you can scroll down on this link to add your donation here!

100% of proceeds goes to these foster kids in need!
Thank you to our amazing sponsors for your support of these foster kids that need food!

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I pray and hope for all of the families affected by these hurricanes and will be posting in THE MOMS groups of throughout the nation how we can come together to help!
On A Mission To Make Motherhood Easier,






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