Stop Making Fathers Day Boring

Stop Making Fathers Day Boring

Are you tired of giving the same boring Fathers Day Gifts?

This year went on a mission to find the coolest, fun, unique Fathers Day gifts!
The true key to hitting a Fathers Day home run though is to LISTEN to what your man wants.
Listen to his wish list that he doesn’t directly tell you.
Spend some time thinking about the things he might mention he ‘wishes’ he could do.
Think back to when you were dating and brainstorm something he loves, but parenting took over.

Here are our top Fathers Day ideas that will please your baby’s daddy!

  1.  Send him to a sporting or concert event!
    We love Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats for finding great events.  I called up a friend of mine and asked if her husband would want to go to a spectacular soccer event with mine.  We bought the tickets and the guys are off on a great adventure!
  2. Plan a fun staycation or mini vacation!
    Groupon has amazing summer discount deals.  Let’s face it EVERY couple can use some alone time and there is nothing like a kid-free getaway!  Every dad will love that.
  3. Does he love golf or driving cars or boating?
    There are lessons that you can purchase or experiences that will give your guy the ultimate day ‘off’.
    I definitely love when my husband is around to help with the kids, but just like we dream about getting a parenting break, I am sure that your guy will love the thoughtfulness of a nag free day!
  4. The Ridge wallet, Thread wallet, Wander wallet are all awesome options that are sleek, stylish and fit easily in pockets!  Every man deserves to have a great wallet to carry all of the money they work so hard for!
  5. Check out the Riz Board Shorts!  Perfect for the fun in the sun lover that likes to be stylish!
  6. Does your husband talk about getting better sleep?  We LOVE the Pillow of Health because it is customizable and washable! They give moms a discount using ihelpmoms25! This is a must in every household!
  7. Beer, Bars, and Beverages!
    With the summer heating up, I love the selection at HomeGoods for mule glasses, funny beer glasses, unique ice cube maker molds that you can put together with some awesome beers or liquors for a fun Fathers Day gift!
  8. For the fitness father, make sure to check out TLF Apparel. This awesome company one of our personal favorites for the high quality and excellent fit!
  9. My favorite gift we gave this year was meal delivery from Perfect Fuel Meals! It saves our family time and money! My hubby loves how healthy it is and the portion size is great.  Every man will love great food, saving money and getting to spend more time with a less stressed out wife! Contact Peter for the 10% discount at
  10. So grateful my girls get to call his amazing man DAD.

    Plan the ultimate date night, go to a comedy show!
    Buy the tickets, get a sexy dress and your man will be happy to laugh the night away with you!

  11. If life gets too busy, go on Amazon…buy some sexy lingerie and just be waiting for him.
    That IS a Fathers Day fantasy every man will love!

    Cheers to creating a Fathers Day experience that lets your baby’s daddy know you appreciate him and recognize him on this special day.  Truly…that is the greatest gift we can give:
    Focused Gratitude.Michelle


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