Smart Parents Know When It’s Time To Call A Tutor

Why is tutoring important for your child?

Cristina Naranjo

With increasingly large class sizes and competition to get into the best schools, most students need a little help at some point in their academic careers. If your child is struggling to keep up or is losing confidence, getting them effective academic coaching can help to restore their self-esteem. If your child is doing well, but they need to improve their grades to get into the right college, having personalized academic help will improve their grade point average.

What is the advantage of in home tutoring?

Our programs provide affordable “One-on-One” tutoring in your home, offering much better value and results than other learning centers that generally offer a “One-to-Four” teacher-student ratio. Your child shouldn’t have to wait to learn, and our “One-on-One” sessions guarantee them the personalized attention they need and deserve. We also feel that convenience is important. Therefore, we eliminate the inconvenience of you having to come to us, and instead, we come to you.

How can the tutoring increase your child’s confidence?

The Tutor Doctor Platform matches a highly qualified tutor with a student in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Students prefer this stress-free approach to learning as they can progress at their own pace and are free from peer pressure and the embarrassment they often feel in traditional learning environments. By removing the intimidation and fear of failure, students suddenly become comfortable, confident and eager to learn.

Is it convenient to schedule a Tutor Doctor to help your child?

YES! Today’s parents also greatly value the flexibility that Tutor Doctor provides. Parents are no longer limited to the times dictated by traditional center-based tutoring companies. Lesson times can be arranged to fit into the hectic family schedule without any difficulty. 

Will Tutor Doctor work with your child’s school and teachers?

Our tutors use a student’s homework as the core curriculum for helping them succeed in the classrooms. Traditional tutoring centers provide very little individualization as they use set curriculum that’s over and above the student’s existing homework. This creates a further burden on a child who’s already behind, by adding to their overall work load.

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*Source: Tutor Doctor Website