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As a mom of 4 who works full-time and is an entrepenuer, I completely understand how FULL life can be! My superpower is not that I'm a mom, but that I'm pretty dang organized. Not in the laundry-put-away or spot-less house kind of way. I My clean laundry loves to live in the dryer and my kitchen island is a storage place for broken toys and lots of mail. I'm more organized in the "I know what I need and want to get done and I get it done" way! How do I do it? Well, lots of self-awareness (and ongoing practice with that!) and a solid plan week-to-week. That's why I created the Journal & Planner for Real-Life, Busy Parents!! It is jam packed with journal and planner pages to help you live a more organized life as you navigate the chaos of parenting ;)


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Journal & Planner for Real-Life Busy Parents

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