Sex after kids....shhhh we are not supposed to talk about it right?

Sex after kids….shhhh we are not supposed to talk about it right?

What happens to our sex lives after kids? We often joke about it…but it’s not so much a laughing matter. Sex among couples IS very important!  th

We often complain that we are just too plain exhausted to enjoy or desire sex.  Other times we can’t get our mind off of the piles of laundry, dishes in the sink and endless to do list to actually get in the mood emotionally.

Then there are the issues moms don’t share like loss of libido and dryness…down there.

Some of it goes away over time as our kids get older, but other parts of our lives after giving birth don’t always recover the way they wish they would.  I know for myself I often wonder…what happened to the old vibrant me?

Dr. Stephen Silver, HealthSmart M.D., Boca Raton

I had the amazing opportunity to talk to a Doctor that integrates tradition and holistic medicine to help families achieve the healthy life they desire.  He does do the traditional urgent care services, yet he also is dedicated to providing a variety of services for to take care of the entire family!  He is passionate about helping women recover after the paramount experience of having babies. Pregnancy and childbirth often leaves women depleted of essential vitamins, minerals, and body function. But instead of addressing the actual issue of how to rebalance our hormones and replenish our bodies, we silently suffer extreme exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, decreased sex drive, excess postpartum weight and more.

If you want to rejuvenate Dr. Stephen Silver may be the right fit for you!

Unlike most medical doctors, he ASKS moms what they are concerned about and WORKS WITH moms to discover a plan that can best help them to achieve health and wellness. His extensive knowledge of vitamins and minerals to boost the bodies function is simply incredible. He is dedicated to providing families with a wide variety of options and working together to figure out what will work best for YOU!813_HealthSmartUrgentCare

If you are searching for a family medical doctor that listens, is available via cell phone for your families needs and will design a customized program for you, make sure to contact Dr. Stephen Silver and mention for a complimentary consultation!

Dr. Stephen Silver
98 South Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Phone: 561.368.0777