Schools Out…What Do I Do With My Kids?

I am probably the only mom who admits it but I literally have to mentally prepare myself when I know school will be out. As a working mom and a stay at home mom it is a true struggle to get all of my responsibilities done with two kids under 3 creating a whirlwind in my house.  As much as I try to prepare projects and fun things to do, their attention span is so small I would need 40 different activities to last the 24 hour period.

So, I have gone on a hunt to find fun things this Martin Luther King Day and Spring Break that will save my sanity and most of all that kids will enjoy.

  1.  IMG_0550 - CopyALM SPORTS has an incredible camp that provides FUN activities for active kiddos, FOOD and TRANSPORTATION! Wow!!!! Mention and you will get a discounted registration!
  2. USK KARATE CAMP is full of fun activities and learning.  Knowing the owners of USK Karate for the past 8 years I can attest they are two of the most caring, wise and charitable couples in all of South Florida.  They have given their ENTIRE life to providing the highest quality, affordable Karate Programs to kids and families.
  3. o_19lmdv4gp1crr1s7k1lirhqu1mftanCAMBRIDGE SCHOOL SPRING BREAK CAMP provides an ENTIRE DAY of fun, learning and activities such as live  fire truck demonstrations, magic shows, music, and MORE!  My daughter begs me to take her to this camp every year she loves it so much!
  4. ART PAPER SCISSORS provides a perfect Martin Luther King and spring break day camp for your creative and art loving kids! The owners create a WIDE VARIETY of fun, interactive, and creative projects for kids of all ages to enjoy!
  5. Anjali My GymMY GYM COCONUT CREEK is simply a childs dream come true for MLK Day and Spring Break!  The entire space is safe, clean and has slides, balls, swings, zip lines, play structures, and SO MUCH MORE!  The best part is you don’t have to clean up a thing and your kids get to have the time of their life!
  6. THE SALT BOX!  If your child is under the weather make sure to check out this amazing wellness center that helps kids with chronic colds, repiratory system issues, and poor immune function BREATHE BETTER.  Best of all kids get to PLAY in the amazing play room while they get an all natural salt treatment that helps them to HEAL FASTER.  I took my one year old that had a lingering cough and she literally never coughed again after her Salt Box Treatment and she had the best time playing there!
  7. Fit 1OPERATION FIT MOMS is my key to sanity as the owner is a mommy herself and PROVIDES BABYSITTING ON SITE while you work out!  Your baby or child is right by you with childcare experts while you get an amazing work out in with fun fellow moms working out right next to you!
  8. MOMS HELPING MOMS SHUTTLE SERVICE is owned and operated by a fellow mom that will pick your child up and transport them to schools and activities!  The vans are programmed with tracking chips and driven by MOMS so SAFETY is ensured! Mention ihelpmoms for specials!

The owners of these amazing options for kids are passionate about helping moms and families. They have a true love for creating an enjoyable, FUN experience that your kids will LOVE.  Make sure to check out what option will be best to help your kids have a FUN Martin Luther King Day and Spring Break!