Road Trips with Kids

Road Trips with Kids

Helpful road trip ideas

We have been on vacation this past week and we are a road trippin’ family. {Mainly it’s the cheapest way to go for a family of 8!}

On this trip I drove out with the kids… yup, me… with 6 kids for 9.5 hours. My husband joined up later in the week and drove home with us but the drive out was all me.

Being that we are a big family we now have a 12 passenger van and this car didn’t have a TV… so no movies.

Here are some travel tips for those that also road trip with kids.

*Play-aways… have you heard of these?? You can find them at the library, it’s an individual book on tape. I have one that gets car sick if he is reading a book so Play-aways are so nice! He can put his head phones on and listen {and not get sick!}

*Speaking of those that get sick… I keep a basket of gallon ziplock bags and a roll of paper towels under the seat. That way if there is anyone who is sick they can puke in a bag and then it can be zipped up and thrown away at the next stop.

*Pick snacks that are easy to vacuum. The last thing you want to do is have to try to clean melted fruit snacks from the seats of your car. Our snacks are pretzels, fish crackers, and cheerios, so when they are dropped or smashed it is easy to vacuum up. Clean up is easy…. {And we only do water in the car.}

*Find a place to play when you stop. I’ll be honest, we are not big fast food people. I do like to cook at home and I hate how processes fast food places are. However… McDonalds usually do have the best play places… and when you are traveling for hours at a time it’s nice to be able to let the kids out to play. If you don’t like buying all the processed foods bring your own and then buy something from where you stop at, like drinks or a salad and then let the kids play!

*EVERY time you stop gather the garbage and throw it out. Even if it just a quick stop. You’ll be happy that you took the time to clean the car every time you stop. It will help keep the garbage and crumbs from piling up.

*Have a basket to hold all the shoes. On long trips my kids take their shoes off, and I have a basket that all shoes go in when they are off of feet that way we don’t lose any along the way. And when we do stop we aren’t looking for 10 minutes for one shoe.

Road tripping can be fun, even during the long stretches and the “don’t breath on me” times. The memories that are made in the car are always the ones talked about forever.


Leah, amazing mom of 6!
Leah, amazing mom of 6!

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