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Ashley of Your Limitless Health

Mom / Wellness & Nutrition

About Ashley I believe in keeping an open mind and an open heart in all situations. I always try and lead by example by having an uplifting attitude, and maximizing my fullest potential by taking care of my well being so I can help others. I am an active woman who leads a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I eat local organic produce, cook healthy, simple meals, and practice yoga and meditation. When I was younger I was extremely stressed, anxious, unhealthy and worried. I knew it was time for a change. I started seeing a health coach and changed the way I live, think, breath, and eat. I want to inspire others to live at their fullest potential through inspiring and educating people about preventative health care through thermography, yoga, and healthy lifestyle changes. Why Ashley is passionate about helping moms: When I was a teacher I saw how moms worked so hard to provide the best for their kids. In return, the moms seemed stressed. I knew I wanted to do something to help moms too. Therefore when teaching I would give weekly talks to the moms at the school on nutrition for themselves and their children. I also taught them how to include self care into their life each day! I know that moms do the best they can and I want to help provide them with additional resources to live the best life they can live for themselves and their children!


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