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Dr. Lauren of Martin D. Segel, Ph.D. & Associates

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About Dr. Lauren Dr. Lauren is a Florida licensed psychologist who works with children, parents, and families. Her specialties include anxiety, depression, selective mutism, parenting, adoption issues, children's behavioral problems, toddler and preschool issues, new baby education, ADD/ADHD, academic issues, stress and coping, social skills development, and family issues. She also has a special interest in nutritional psychology. Dr. Lauren provides individual and family psychotherapy, as well as developmental, psychological, and educational evaluations, including gifted testing, testing for ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities, and evaluations for general psychological functioning. Why Dr. Lauren is passionate about helping moms: Being a mother is the hardest job I've ever had! As a licensed psychologist, I have taught, counseled, and supported many mothers and their children, but when I became a mother, everything changed, and I found myself needing just as much help as the mothers I've worked with over the years. My new perspective on motherhood and child-rearing has allowed me to successfully specialize in working with parents and young children through therapy, testing, and parenting support programs. I also teach happiest baby on the block classes to new and expectant moms so that they can benefit from the amazing techniques to soothe a crying baby and help their babies sleep longer! I love sharing my knowledge and experience with moms and helping moms and kids grow and thrive!


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