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About Elise I started my legal career before law school, when I worked for several years at a legal malpractice firm in Florida. After witnessing first-hand the lack of communication in the typical dry and impersonal attorney-client relationship, I set out to become a better kind of lawyer. The kind of lawyer that understands the impact of her role when a client contacts her with a delicate life situation. The kind of lawyer that creates and maintains a genuine and personal relationship with clients; one who provides value for fees earned, rather than bill clients at an hourly rate for a tenth of an hour to address simple concerns. As a caregiver myself, I take the responsibility of life planning for the benefit of loved ones very seriously, and I'm humbled to dedicate myself to ensuring that my clients are well prepared for the unexpected. Thanks to my career and personal experiences, I am able to provide honest, straightforward, and comprehensive legal counseling for my clients, while understanding that estate planning is an emotionally charged and important part of my clients' lives- especially the parents who simply want to do the right thing for their children. Available for Short Notice Family Planning Business Consultant Why Elise is passionate about helping moms: Our mission is to empower and enable your family to make the very best legal, financial, and life decisions now and well into the future. We do this by bringing back the notion of the old town family lawyer who you can always feel comfortable consulting with before making decisions for your family that will have a lasting impact. We are dedicated to providing you with quality legal representation and building a long-term attorney client relationship.


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