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About Dr. Nancy Dr. Nancy Wiley is a native of Maryland and attended the University of Maryland, where she graduated with honors in biology in 1984. She then moved to Manhattan, where she received a Master of Science degree in Nutrition, a Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree and a Certificate in Orthodontics from Columbia University. She has been in private practice since 1991. Dr. Wiley has done research in several areas, including molecular genetics, nutritional factors and their relationship to behavior, eating disorders and the prevention of relapse after orthodontic treatment. Her research through Johns Hopkins Medical School was published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Wiley is a Board Certified Orthodontist. Board certification is an elective process that includes an examination designed to assess the knowledge, skills and clinical expertise required to provide quality patient care. This process typically takes 5-10 years. Completion of this process is an indication of an orthodontists commitment to a high level of treatment excellence. Dr. Wiley is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, Florida Association of Orthodontists and Southern Association of Orthodontists. She has served six years on the board for South Florida Academy of Orthodontists and served as the 2001 president for the Academy. She recently co-founded the South Florida Chapter of American Association of Women Dentists. Dr. Wiley is certified in and a Premier Provider for Invisalign®, an advanced technique for straightening teeth without metal braces or wires. She is also certified in the Incognito Lingual Bracket System. Incognito braces are a 100% customized, fixed appliance system for invisible orthodontics. They are created using state of the art technology and are completely customized to the shape of your teeth. Dr. Wiley is involved in local societies and does volunteer work for local organizations. She enjoys attending local activities and recitals performed by her patients. She and her husband, Tom, have a daughter, Whitney Olivia Wiley (WOW!). Most recently, Dr. Wiley and her entire family support the Smiley Wiley Breast Cancer Foundation, founded by her sister-in law Susan D. Wiley, who is the namesake of Smiley Wiley. Smiley Wiley provides financial assistance to women and men with breast cancer who cannot meet their own costly health insurance deductibles. 25 yrs experience Available for Short Notice Accepts most insurances Board Certified Orthodontist Why Dr. Nancy is passionate about helping moms: We specialize in the highest quality of orthodontics for not only your children and teenagers, but also you! We believe that early treatment is a gift we can give our children to enhance not only their smile, but also set proper foundations for future growth. At Dr. Nancy Wiley orthodontics we are all passionate about treating our patients like family and positively impacting the quality of each patient's life. Forty-three of our patients have been so impacted that they have chosen to become an orthodontist due to Dr. Wiley and her team's influence. Come join us and let our passion in everything we do transform your life!


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