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Evelyn of Mindful Mamas

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About Evelyn I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a certification in Infant Mental Health. I work with clients individually as well as in a group setting. I work with children, adolescents, and adults. I am also certified in Infant Massage & will be providing classes to mothers. I am most passionate about working with mothers and helping them embrace the thrilling roller-coaster ride that motherhood is. My Mindful MAMAS program provides integrative & interactive groups & workshops for mothers of little ones ages 0-5 that provide the education, support, and guidance to encourage "mindful" long-term parenting. Mindful parenting will encourage the social and emotional wellness of both mother & child, while continuously strengthening a positive, trusting, and nurturing relationship between them. The relationship bond between Mama & Child is viewed as the foundation from which all mindful "parenting" is done, and therefore is very critical to nurture & strengthen on a continuous basis. I cover a range of important topics in my groups/workshops including: strengthening the attachment relationship, understanding temperaments, how to deal with children's feelings, building emotional intelligence, encouraging autonomy & self esteem, discipline, the power of play, maintaining harmony & balance in the family, and development. Why Evelyn is passionate about helping moms: I am most passionate about working with mothers and helping them embrace the roller coaster ride that motherhood is to its complete fullest capacity. I aim to help strengthen the mother-child attachment relationship bond, and to use this bond in the practice of parenting.


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