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Marilyn of Shore Chiropractic

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About MARILYN I have been a family Chiropractor for 28 years serving principled Chiropractic to newborns to the elderly. I was a nurse before I was a Chiropractor and realized after working in hospitals that health can only come from the Inside/out. I have a 20 year old daughter who I adore and is studying in Paris presently. Oh, and I have a chocolate cockapoo and she comes to the office with me everyday. 28 yrs experience Available for Short Notice Webster Technique Certified Doctor Of Chiropractic Why MARILYN is passionate about helping moms: Moms are the caretakers and the decision makers. I know too, I'm one of them. It is so important for me to educate moms how to have families healthy without he use of drugs or surgery naturally from the inside out.


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