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Let Mommy Sleep Chicago

Baby / Doulas

The COVID19 Pandemic has created many obstacles for new moms including dismantling the necessary support systems for newborns and their parents. Let Mommy Sleep is here to help! We continue to specialize in overnight care by providing evidenced based virtual caregiver support during the hours of 10pm-5am, as night time with a infant can quickly become stressful and overwhelming for many. Caregivers are here to help with breastfeeding and bottle feeding, swaddling and soothing, Mother’s care after giving birth, diaper changing, circumcision and cord care, and much more. No question should go unanswered when it comes to caring for your baby. Our Overnight Nurses and Caregivers may also be booked in advance for in home overnight care once your baby is born. Our flexible, clinical, evidence-based approach to overnight care typically begins at 10pm and ends at 7am. After a extensive interview, caregivers are required to have at a minimum: 5 years of experience, recent background checks, sparkling references, proof of all vaccinations including yearly flu shots, CPR, and continuing education certificates. We also offer additional up to date training using the American Academy of Pediatrics training materials and our own materials which are recognized by private and government entities. You'll receive all of the potential caregivers information and can call or meet with them anytime. We are here to Let Mommy Sleep!


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