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Enchanted Empowerment- Previously Party Princess DMV

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Enchanted Empowerment is proud to be your most magical princess party company in the DC, Maryland, and Northern VA area. Our mission is to create an empowering, magical memory for every child we meet, and to “Empower, Entertain, Enchant”! Our one-of-a-kind routines have been lovingly created to ensure your child has so much fun at her party! We also want her to take away valuable lessons such as knowing her worth, inner beauty, and ability through our fun, self-esteem based routines, child interaction, and pure magic! We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and commitment to excellence in everything we do. Our performers are all accomplished actresses with professional vocal training, as well as extensive experience with children, especially in educational settings. We use only thehighest quality costumes and wigs available in the industry, and our performers are trained in their character’s voices, mannerisms, poses, makeup, and the details of their story. We only bring activities that we know will not only ensure your guests enjoy themselves, but also leave them feeling more confident than before.​Our symbol is the butterfly because we want every child we meet to be someone who can spread their wings and soar! We believe in the power of imagination as a tool for empowerment- if your child knows she can be a princess today, she can also know she can be an astronaut, a teacher, a scientist, or a president tomorrow! Let us enchant and empower your child and your guests. We would be honored!


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