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Natural Products For The Whole Family

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Wink Naturals is a line of natural products for the whole family. Our mission is to impact and strengthen families. We started with a natural sleep Chest Rub for babies and grew to have more natural sleep products for children and adults.  ➕We have since added an amazing Bum Balm.....great for all kinds of skin irritation.  Llama Lotion....great for dry, sensitive skin and formulated without any artificial fragrance. Cool Gums Teething cools vs numbs, so there is no choking hazard. ‍♀️Zen Drops.....mood support, calm and focus. Foaming Oil Bath Wash....great for sensitive skin and also makes a great bubble bath and body wash. No SLS or artificial fragrance! Biotics....both pre and pro in one meltable tablet for birth and up. Immune.....Elderberry syrup with more active components than store bought or homemade, making it more effective. Cough Syrup...Ivy Leaf Extract, Elderberry syrup, Zinc, and Vitamin C. Clay Packs.... Can be used cold or hot to soothe those aches and pains. Prenatal Support.... Folate, ginger, B6 in a meltable tablet to help rid you of morning sickness. Energy.... Natural caffeine, L-theanine, huperzine A to provide a natural energy boost without the crash. ✅✅✅We don’t use artificial fragrance in any of our products, only essential oils. No sls, parabens, or phthalates.Visit to learn more about our amazing products and find me on Facebook @winkmichelle!


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