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Dolores, Synergy and Wellness

Mom / Fitness & Yoga

About Dolores Providing innovative, challenging and fun workouts every time. Do you ever go to the same old boring classes that don't change week to week Are you doing the same circuit workout for the 50th time, are you just going through the same motions class to class? At Synergy Fitness we pride ourselves on no two classes or workouts ever being the same, challenging our clients every workout, every time. We also wanted to get away from a MEGA gym atmosphere that neglected personalized attention to our clients. You are not just another number at Synergy but a member of our family getting personalized attention at every class. We are passionate about our kids programs too and strive to create positive classes for ages 5 and up. Our boot camp classes for kids teach kids that exercise is fun. Our atmosphere is a positive environment where kids grow and excel. What about Moms though. Our Synergy Show Stoppers program provides challenging classes and nutritional support and guidance to Moms at all stages of their lives - Intra Partum, Post Partum, Perimenopaual and more all under the guidance of a Registered Dietitian and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. Call us at 561-289-3383 for further information or drop by and take any 3 classes for free. Why Dolores is passionate about helping moms: We provide classes both for mothers and their children ages 5 and up. Leading by example we provide kids boot camp classes where children exercise and learn healthy behaviors. We also provide classes for mothers that focus on weight loss after pregnancy in a safe and nurturing environment.


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