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Working Moms Your Search for Work-Life Balance Ends Here

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Working Moms are affected by what the Economist Magazine has called "The Birth Penalty". On Average in the US, a woman's wages go down by 4% when she comes back from maternity leave after her first child, and more after more children as women struggle to find the right balance between work and life.  "Childproof Your Career" Coaching Services have been created for the Mom who loves her family and does not want to sacrifice them for her career, but who also wants a career in which she is doing meaningful and fulfilling work that she is well rewarded and recognised for.  Our Founder Maxine Nwaneri has a goal to help 1000 Moms on each continent escape the birth penalty by 2028, so are delighted to offer Moms here 50% off all our services.  Our intention is for all Moms to recoup the investment in coaching support with us when we help them make their next career move (which could be successfully negotiating a bonus or raise, flex time, or even a promotion), so with this discount the return on investment could be significant.  Our heart beyond the financials is for Moms to find that perfect harmony between work and life, so contact us if you have questions or to see if our packages are right to help you and your family thrive.


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