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Training moms to outrun their toddlers, and more!

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I want to help others achieve their running goals, be it a particular race, time, or just to commit to the activity. I love helping people take their first step towards running, or their millionth. After having my first child in November 2017, I learned a whole new side of running. I now do most of my runs with my son in his running stroller! I am motivated to help other moms who are looking to start running or get back into running. No matter who my client is and what the goal is, I want develop a running plan for you that is fun but challenging and rewarding. When working with me (see pricing below), you will get a custom running plan tailored to your skill level and goals; communication and workouts via Final Surge, e-mail, phone, and in person; advice on nutrition, injury prevention, and how to balance running and a healthy lifestyle with the rest of your life; and me as an occasional running buddy! Moms, you are welcome (and encouraged!) to bring your junior running buddies in their stroller on your runs! For an extra fee, I will also give you specific cross training workouts. Typical pricing: -10 week Bump to 5k for new (or not new!) moms: $105 -$75 per month for private coaching for other distances OR -one time fee of $200 for 4 months of private coaching -additional $30 per month for crosstraining workouts


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