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Daniela of Bella Rosa Photography

Baby / Photography

About Daniela do I explain myself and my passion? Personable, fun, Ill do anything silly to get a little one to laugh:)) In absolute love for anything peanut-butter :) extremely blessed, a romantic who loves chick flicks, and in love with my husband, little princess Natalia, and my stud of a little boy Franco! Can you tell we are Italian?? :) Another way I can describe myself is how I had grown up always loving and being fascinated by the visual arts. Whether it be my love for painting, sculpting, or my fancy with photography, this fascination has never escaped me! What better job than to be able to capture the essence of the overlooked moments and the unique personalities that make an image more than a photograph? My desire is to capture those moments that will make you giggle out loud, bring tears of joy to your eyes, and create memories that will last forever.... With God's help we will do mighty things :) -Psalms 60:12


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