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Amico The Garden Managers

Mom / Household Help

All of us have passed beside that one house that made us go "Wow!", and that was usually the effect of an attractive garden. This is why many people call Amico for help if they want to design, re-design or maintain their garden!  If you do not know much about gardening, or you do not have the time to maintain everything by yourself, Amico will send a team of specialists who will surely help you out; from designing a completely new garden that will make your yard beautiful, to offering the 24-hour emergency service. There are a couple of teams that you can hire, and do not worry because all of them are equipped with high-quality tools for both the bigger and smaller plants. In addition, Amico also has a store, where you can buy unique pots for both the indoors and outdoors, together with a huge selection of plants, just to get you started!


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