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Healthy Development Farm-Life Style!

Ed / Mommy Ed

What is Horsey & Me? Horsey & Me is the first program of its kind in South Florida! Our goal is to encourage healthy development and school readiness through purposeful play, horsemanship and farm-life. We believe that outside is the greatest classroom, and learning by playing in the dirt is the best way! :) Classes are designed to target 5 areas of concentration: physical (gross & fine motor), social (creativity, following instructions & play), school readiness, sensory, & agriculture/horsemanship. Research shows that kids who engage in purposeful play outside are happier and healthier! Who do we serve? Our program is designed to serve young children approximately between the ages of 1-5. All we ask is that your child be a walker. Younger and older siblings are welcome too. Many moms bring their multiples along. Parents must be present and involved in class. For more information contact: Nikki White Equuilibrium- Horsey & Me Cell: 954-288-4882


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