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Healthy moms have a will! Why? Because they plan and take action for the wellbeing of their children, significant others and even their pets! Yes, Sparky is part of the family as well! Having a estate plan is not regarding your death, it is regarding the action plan that will follow in case you're no longer around or become incapacitated. It can even come down to just be sure your kids will be safe when they go away to a field trip.Perhaps you have thought that if something happens your best friend or your sister could be the best fit to take care of your children. However, if something in fact happens, your thought could never materialize if you didn't correctly put it in writing leaving your kids possibly under foster care until they are placed with whomever the legal system believes would be a safe fit for that role. It could be with your brother to whom you haven't spoken in years. And as much as you had expressed to the Smiths next door that they would be the ones taking care of your children, this won't happen if it is not correctly designated by you under the laws of Florida.Life is a precious thing and the best gift we could give to our kids is to plan for their future. Your kids will have all the things you dreamt for them if you plan ahead.


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