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Dr. Gowda Gardens Pediatrics Pediatrician

Dr / Holistic Pediatricians

Gardens Pediatrics is a partner in your child’s health. Dr. Nagaraj Gowda has served the Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens communities as a Pediatrician for over a decade with his family-focused care philosophy. His patient-families stay with the pediatric practice from infancy through the late teenage years. Gardens Pediatrics is an integral part in the management of your children’s health from well-visits, school physicals to complex medical care. Dr. Gowda has a proven track record of patient satisfaction in all aspects of his pediatric practice: from short wait time, ease of scheduling appointments to the amount of time he spends with each patient. When parents have questions about symptoms, diagnosis or treatments, he takes the necessary time to explain and educate. It is the goal of Gardens Pediatrics to empower caregivers with the knowledge to understand treatment plans and diagnosis. Once that happens, caregivers will more accurately report new or changed symptoms, and together they will proactively and effectively treat the child. Dr. Gowda works closely with his patient-families to ensure they are up to date on the latest research relating to their child’s health. He is the “medical quarterback” to families with complex medical needs, overseeing his patient’s care and working closely with the child’s specialists.


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