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Phone number: 571 660 3954
State: VA
City: Fairfax County

Olive Tree Child Care

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Good morning, parents! I am an early childhood educator and elementary teacher. Find is on Instagram: A bit about me: 🥭state lisenced 🥭compatible rates 🥭referrals available 🥭I am a homeschool mom to three amazing kids; ages 2, 8, and 10 🥭We believe in gentle parenting. We had a girl that would hit me and had a tantrum for half an hour for two to three weeks. Now, she's one of the first one's following me for our storytime, before sleeping soundly. These results were without punishment, scolding, or timeout. 🥭Wholefood diet We used a modified wholefood diet to heal our daughter's immune disease. Therefore whole grains, fresh fruits, smoothies and vegetables are served daily. 🥭We are cautious about our actions and language (So much so, that the girls have learned all of the curse and slang words from children and adults around the neighborhood😋). 🥭screen free 🥭follow a 4 day learning through play curriculum for our 18 month-4 year olds


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