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State: IL
City: Chicago

Bubbie Lactation

Baby / Lactation Consultants

My name is Angel Prabhat, I am the owner of Bubbie Lactation. I am a four-time breastfeeding mother of 4 children and am very passionate about helping other families overcome any feeding and lactation challenges they may face. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and Certified Advanced Lactation Specialist (cALS) who specializes in the care and support of families during their lactation journey. I have worked in a hospital setting and in private practice and have helped families in all different aspects of lactation from prenatal education, latching or pumping right after delivery, latching in the NICU, going back to work, starting solids, and weaning. Whether you plan to exclusively pump, breastfeed or dry up your milk, I would be happy to help! Services- Prenatal consultations Lactation consultations Pumping consultations Weight checks Flange fittings Breastfeeding Classes Free Breastfeeding Support Group


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