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State: FL
City: Pembroke Pines

Sacred Space Integral Therapy

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Hey everyone! I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Massage therapist and Yoga instructor. I have 14+ years experience working with children, within the pediatric, developmental realm, as well as with adults. I am passionate about a holistic approach to wellness practices to keep our inner being balanced, and that looks different during different times. Services: Physical Therapy: Pediatric and adult. Physical Therapy, child regulation consultation and coaching, using gross motor and sensory based approach. Group exercises, movement classes for homeschool / alternative education groups, with a Physical Therapy approach to building a age appropriate coordination, balance and body awareness skills. Massage therapy Physical therapy session: Prevntion or rehabilitation of injuriea or neurological conditions. I have a specialty in Pediatrics and extensive background working with neurological and orthopedic impairments. Yoga classes: we can meet outside at a local park and get into a personalized flow al fresco!


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