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State: FL
City: Fort Lauderdale

CBT of Central & South Florida

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My name is Eva S. Reichel and I am a psychotherapist in South Florida. In my practice I work with new mothers & dads facing many of the challenges that accompany the transition to becoming a parent. I work with women experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, the adjustment to motherhood, partner stress and other relationship difficulties, mild to moderate depression, issues of sleep, life transitions, and occupational stress. I engage with individuals in a client-centered, trauma-informed and cognitive behavioral therapy framework, using mindfulness techniques and value-based goal setting, to work towards overcoming stress or overwhelm in their parenting journey. I believe that a strong relationship between patient and therapist is fundamental to the process of successful therapy. I work to create a warm, empathic environment that feels safe and free of judgment. I am part of a group practice called CBT of Central & South Florida where I offer individual & group therapy. I am currently seeing clients in-person in our Fort Lauderdale office as well as via telehealth. I am fluent in both English & Spanish. Website: PSI Directory:


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