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Phone number: 404 783 5809
State: GA
City: Cumming

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Baby / Lactation Consultants

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Dr / Baby & Night Nurse

Hello, I’ve been on your IHM website several times to apply as an expert, however when I fill out the information sheet and submit I continue to receive an error so I was hoping to reach you here. I’m a Mother Baby RN and a Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLC with 13+ years of experience at a leading maternity hospital in Atlanta. I also teach a prenatal breastfeeding class, a Baby Basic Care & Infant CPR class and I provide outpatient lactation consults in home, virtually and by phone. I’m very interested and would like to apply. You may reach me by email at or at 404)783-5809. I hope to hear from you. Best Regards, Jackie Komoroski, BSB, RN, IBCLC


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