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Hi, I’m Candi Vajana, the globe-trotting, adventurous, child-adoring 2017 Nanny of the Year (International Nanny Association), and founder of The Experienced Nanny. After working with children and babies for thirty years, I decided to hang up my nappy bag, to bring my expertise and experience to families and nannies everywhere. Through 1:1 consultancy and specialized training, The Experienced Nanny equips families and nannies with all the childcare tools and know-how they need to help their children blossom into well-rounded individuals. During my career, I came across many conflicting theories about how to support child development through the various stages. There is a lot of information out there and, for the new parent or nanny, it can be overwhelming working out where to begin. After three decades of research, experience and proven success helping numerous families navigate almost every childcare-related challenge under the sun, I can safely say I have been there and done that with more children than most are responsible for in a single lifetime. When you enlist the aid of The Experienced Nanny, you will receive professional and practical advice that really works because it is 100% tailored to the individual child, family, nanny, and situation. The Experienced Nanny is here for all families working with nannies, and all nannies working with families, to nurture healthy, happy households where families and nannies, and most importantly, the children, flourish together.


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