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Sleep & Cradle Solutions a professional Sleep Consultancy and Newborn Care Specialist provider finds immense satisfaction in helping parents and guardians understand the best methods to help their babies get good sleep. Our approach to sleep training is centered around an in-depth observation of behavioural patterns, providing an informed analytical approach to prevent or address the child's sleep problems. The result is we offer functional sleep solutions. Many parents struggle with the exhausting job of caring for the new blessings in their lives while also maintaining their households, careers, and sanity. The unique value proposition of our services includes getting your child on a tailored sleep schedule. We are on a mission to help parents become the positive sleep architects of their little ones sleep patterns. We offer a variety of services including in-person sleep training and newborn care specialist services and remote childbirth preparation classes, newborn care classes, breastfeeding/formula classes s and sleep training classes.


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