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Phone number: 954 282 1347
State: FL
City: Weston

Jump Start Physical Therapy and Training

Dr / Other Medical Experts About Jump Start Physical Therapy and Training: At Jump Start Physical Therapy and Training our mission is to educate, provide excellent care, and ultimately empower our parents to be our partners in their child’s care. We are building and supporting a community of strong, confident, and empowered parents to provide the tools, time, and space to allow their child to grow, develop, and explore with intention and safety. We are a concierge pediatric physical therapy practice in South Florida that provides in-home or place of choice, evidence-based physical therapy and wellness services to promote motor development in the environment the child is most comfortable. We also offer virtual wellness consultations to answer any questions you may have about your infant’s development, advice on your child’s progress, and to discuss the goals you want your kiddo to achieve. If you have any questions please reach out to schedule a virtual wellness consultation by writing to We are serving the iHelpMoms community for education purposes only. If you have concerns about your baby’s health or motor development please reach out to a physical therapist for a medical evaluation or your pediatrician.


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