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Valerie of Body Belly Baby

Mom / Fitness & Yoga

About Valerie I am the owner of Body Belly Baby, a wellness center for women and moms to be at their best before, during, and after pregnancy. I am an entrepreneur passionate about motherhood fitness and wellness to guide moms during the wonderful journey of motherhood. Pilates, prenatal Pilates, postnatal Pilates, Pilates for mom & baby, infant massage courses, Pediatric CPR are the various services offered at Body Belly Baby. Why Valerie is passionate about helping moms: I am passionate about helping moms because I am a mom, and moms need help. I also feel that moms need to support each other and help in any way they can. Moms do so much that they also need a time for themselves to be better moms I.E healthy, balanced and happy moms. I believe that fitness - mind-body -spirit disciplines are the most effective ones to help moms to be fit physically, have a functional and healthy body and also find balance in their body, head, and life. Once you can focus and control your body, you can also be more comfortable and focused in your life, centered and balanced. Also I think that it is important for moms to learn how to relax with their baby, and infant massage is unfortunately an untapped opportunity for babies and moms to have a stronger bonding, a relation based on trust, and so much more benefits. My passion is to bring value by offering qualitative services, service and customer-centered classes, where moms feel comfortable learning Pilates in an inspiring, non-intimidating, and effective environment during their pregnancy, after their pregnancy with their baby, and then by themselves :-)


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