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Phone number: 616 294 0207
State: MI
City: Grand Rapids

Gold Coast Doulas, LLC

Baby / Doulas

Dr / Baby & Night Nurse

Ed / Sleep Training

Looking for expert resources in West Michigan’s Gold Coast or virtually across the country? We have you covered with our concierge services. Interested in classes? We have everything from HypnoBirthing to Newborn Survival, from Breastfeeding to Comfort Measures for Labor. Many of our classes can be offered privately in the comfort of your home or in our lovely office in Eastown in a group setting. Gold Coast Doulas is set apart in the community because we are a full-service agency, our doulas are required to be certified or are trained and working toward certification, and we are fully insured. You can rest assured knowing you’re working with a professional and experienced team. We are committed to impacting the lives of women and families by donating 2% of net profits for causes serving low-income women.


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