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Dr. Krantz, Krantz Care Pediatrician

Dr / Holistic Pediatricians

I have been a practicing board certified Pediatrician for 25 years. I am a lifelong South Florida resident, born, raised ,and trained here. This is my home in every sense of the word. I have always wanted my practice of medicine to mirror my sense of community and family. My goal was to practice in the old fashioned style of Pediatrics and felt like I won the lottery when I joined Kaufman and Multach in 1989. They were considered one of the most respected and admired Pediatric practices in Florida for over 40 years. My challenge was to continue the excellent personal family style care that Harry and Dave had been providing with the increasing demands to streamline care and see more patients. After 16 years I decided that in order to continue the tradition of personalized service and care I would have to convert my practice to a concierge model. So in 2005 I started Premier Pediatric Management. This return to a personalized practice has been extremely rewarding for me and hopefully for my patient families as well. 


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