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Kim of Mommycise Fitness

Mom / Fitness & Yoga

Kim is a certified fitness professional who has been successful in helping South Floridians including everyone from professional athletes and local celebrities to stay-at-home moms and working professionals get healthy and fit for the past 10 years. Her passion for health and fitness resulted in bringing the first stroller fitness workout to Florida after the birth of her first daughter in 2004. Hundreds of new mothers lost weight and sculpted their muscles with their babies in tow. She later became a fitness training programmer, structuring the training program and instructing trainers for a new popular national chain of fitness studios. After the birth of her 3rd daughter in 2012, she returned to the Mommy with Baby fitness business, this time creating her own marketable company using her knowledge and experience modernizing the old “mommy and me” class to now help the Moms get into great shape while still bonding with their baby. After years of training moms who want to have their babies with them or have no options childcare, Mommycise Fitness was finally ready to be introduced to the mothers of South Florida. Mommycise Fitness Classes are each designed to make sure moms get a great, calorie burning workout using their baby as their weight or with baby right by their side in the safe environment of a beautiful indoor fitness/dance or yoga type studio. Mommycise Fitness is a category creator in the world of fitness for new mothers and families and the programs are planned for cities nationwide. 12 yrs experience Available for Short Notice CPR


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