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Dr. Bayer Coral Springs

Dr / Holistic Pediatricians

"Dr. Bayer has been the pediatrician for the Seminole Tribe of Florida for the last 5 years. It was an amazing and unique experience and she will miss those patients terribly! However, when the Bayer family welcomed their third child, baby June Elizabeth in October of 2016, it felt like it was time to be a little closer to home. When she learned that Dr. Day had intended to retire after 40 years in Coral Springs, it was the perfect opportunity. Dr. Bayer and Dr. Day found that they are cut from the same Hippocratic cloth so to speak, with very similar practice styles. The word "doctor" is from Latin "docto" meaning to teach, and that is exactly what Dr. Bayer enjoys most about medicine. She looks forward building new long lasting relationships with families in years and generations to come.


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