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Phone number: +1 330-425-8188

Faith United Methodist Preschool

Ed / Preschools

"Our mission is to provide the best education for each child through love and understanding, with respect to their individuality, culture and previous experiences. We provide a high-quality, affordable preschool with a reputation of excellence and care for over 40 years. Our teachers are Christians, with degrees in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. They bring a variety of teaching methods to the classroom to enhance each child's learning. They exhibit daily their love of children and joy of teaching. We believe children learn best through hands-on activities in our play-based, child-centered classrooms. Students are welcomed into a warm, happy, nurturing and educationally stimulating environment. We feel all children are active learners and grow best through constant interactions with their surroundings. By providing our students with a variery of experiences and opportunities, they are developing skills in many areas. These areas include emphasis on academics, creativity, thinking and problem solving activities as well as social participation and a curiosity for learning. Our curriculum prepares children for success in kindergarten through knowledge gained in pre-reading, pre-math, language, science, social studies, fine motor and gross motor skills, music, art, drama, as well as Spanish. We align with the Ohio Department of Education's Commom Core, the NAEYC guidelines, Jobs and Family Services requirements, and our years of experience. We teach a love of God, an enthusiasm for learning through, compassion, care, respect and kindness for the people, animals, and earth around us. Come join the fun and begin a life-time love of learning."


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