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Dr. Chad Rudnick, Pediatrician at BocaVIP Pediatrics

Dr / Holistic Pediatricians

Hi there! We’re Boca VIPediatrics! But more importantly, we’re a FAMILY. We’ve developed a concept of care through that combines OLD-FASHIONED SERVICE with the most MODERN MEDICINE at our pediatric smart office. Once upon a time, we had this crazy idea for a pediatric practice. And by crazy, we actually mean quite practical. We’re in the digital age of everything. You can order food through an app, FaceTime with family and friends around the world, and have virtually anything delivered to your door in 48 hours. So why was medicine/healthcare stuck in the 1970s? Why do we need to make an appointment, wait in a crowded waiting room, spend only 6 minutes with a doctor, and receive a “surprise” bill in the mail? The office staff is rushed, the patients are frustrated, and instead of preventative care to keep children healthy, doctors only have time for reactive care when children are sick.


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