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Wendi of Young Living Essential Oils Educator

Mom / Wellness & Nutrition

About Wendi My goal is to encourage other people out there who may have a less than perfect life. To leave a legacy behind. For years I sat and wondered why I struggled with fitting in because I'm not the crafty mom, I'm a terrible cook, I hate cleaning, and I will probably never own a home with an SUV in the driveway. You see, Beau and I have been down that road. We tried to fit in with societal thirty-somethings who seem to have it all figured out. Then we woke up one day and realized we know nothing. Later, we would then talk about what we don't know, and we will form lasting relationships with people who also have no idea what they're doing. But they're a lot of fun. Why Wendi is passionate about helping moms: I am passionate about helping moms because I've been without help. I suffered postpartum depression and I speak publicly about it while offering support. I also am passionate about supporting parents of preemies as mine were low birth weight and the other was in the NICU. I focus on empowerment, leadership, and the amazing benefits of pure essential oils.


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