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Moji of Prenatal & Beyond FIT

Mom / Fitness & Yoga

About Moji Hi there, I am passionate about everything wellness. From preconception through birth and beyond the childbearing years living a healthy lifestyle is a way of life for me and I like to be able to share my knowledge and expertise with you. Regardless where you are in your life, I am committed to assisting you on your health and wellness journey. 14 yrs experience Live Interactive Kitchen Revamps Meal Planning CPR Group Fitness, Personal Training, Pre & Post Natal specific Live Interactive Prenatal Fitness Coach Why Moji is passionate about helping moms: Hello moms and moms-to-be! My name is Moji Doyle, and I have been passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle since I am 16 years old. In my book fitness is not a destination, but part of your happiness and wellness journey and it should be an on-going activity. Unfortunately moms are often stretching themselves too thin, trying to accomplish everything there is to do for their families, and putting their own needs on the back burner. The reason I am so passionate about helping moms, is because I truly understand where they are coming from I am a mother of 2 myself and a working mom. I am also passionate about educating and empowering moms to be more in tune with their mind and body, keeping active, eating a clean diet to be able to live a long, happy, vibrant life and stay disease free.


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