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Myofunctional Therapy and Breathing Restoration

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As a mother of four, I honestly can admit that I was absolutely oblivious to orofacial myofunctional disorders. Yet, they affected each of my children in various ways! My home was literally flooded with a dysfunction that I was unaware of and that no one ever pointed out. I suffered in relative silence with children that snored, wet the bed until age 9, sleep walked, were frequently congested, allergic, unable to breastfeed, diagnosed with ADHD and had sensory processing issues. The pediatrician disregarded, medicated or avoided judgement on it. So I waited it out for years, hoping they would either grow out of their various problems or become stable and manage their dysfunctional life. Until one day, I brought my children in for their cleanings in my new pediatric dental office. Suddenly, it all came together and I was rapidly into a world that was overwhelming and enlightening. As a hygienist, it was mind blowing to know that various things I saw all too often in my dental chair all had a similar origin. I dove deep into the ocean of orofacial myology and enveloped my encounters with patients and (sometimes) strangers in educating others about the subtle ways OMDs are affecting their homes. Improper oral resting posture no longer has a place in my home and I work diligently daily in hopes that one day it will no longer reside in any other homes. Contact us to find out how our Myofunctional Therapy program can help eliminate airway disfunction and resulting disorders in your home.


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