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Personalized Parenting - Thoughtful parent coaching for your unique family

Baby / Potty Training

"Personalized Parenting offers thoughtful parent coaching for your unique family. Toddler tantrums? Sleep struggles? Difficulty managing your child's emotions? Trouble setting limits and creating boundaries? Having a hard time navigating adolescence? Dr. Adams can help. Expert advice, real results, and flexible scheduling are offered through Skype and phone-based parent coaching. Dr. Adams provides accessible parent support, collaborating with parents to enrich relationships. There is no shortage of available parenting advice. From the nearly 60,000 books about parenting available online, to the daily blogs and social media articles (and even strangers in the grocery store) - parenting advice is everywhere. Despite the apparent overload of information on ""how to parent,"" many parents I work with feel more confused about parenting approaches than ever before. I believe that parenting is personal, not prescriptive, and every parent-child relationship has unique characteristics. The idea that there is a ""one-size-fits-all"" approach to tackling the everyday challenges of parenting leaves parents confused, pits parents against one another, and puts parents in a position of consuming contradicting advice and feeling stuck. I believe that each parent I work with is the expert on his or her child. I work together with parents so I can understand their unique family, their goals and values, and the personal characteristics of their child. I bring my expertise in the field of child development and psychology to my collaborative partnerships with parents, and help to find strategies and solutions that work, uniquely for them. I look forward to speaking with you, and learning more about your family. Warmly, Elizabeth Adams, Ph.D. How it works: Dr. Adams provides Skype and phone-based parent coaching to target a range of parenting challenges and concerns. Email us directly at to schedule."


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