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AKA Supermom: Purposeful Motherhood Coach

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Rachael Phillips, AKA Supermom. As a Purposeful Motherhood Coach, and a mom of 3, Rachael believes in creating memories and not just surviving motherhood. She supports moms, coaching them one on one to find their passion and purpose creating true balance and happiness- without any guilt. We all know the moment you become a mom your life changes forever. All your energy, self and love pours into your child. It is beautiful and exhausting at the same time. You might find yourself wondering who you are. Or feel lost in motherhood, guilty that your child doesn’t complete you and be looking for something that is missing in your life. This is exactly where Rachael was years ago, before she started her journey to find happiness in Motherhood. Her passion is now sharing what she has learned with other mothers. Rachael believes that as supermoms we can have it all! Motherhood can be whatever you make it to be… whatever makes you happy. The key is to rediscover yourself, love yourself and find your passion. Keep the “you” alive and you will be the best supermom possible. One who is happy, balanced and lives without guilt.


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