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Honest Soul Yoga - Where Yoga is for Every Body!

Mom / Fitness & Yoga

At Honest Soul Yoga, we believe yoga is for every body. Our community-focused studio offers Restorative and Flow classes to all ability levels. Additionally, we offer a variety of pre- / post-natal and kids classes for our family community. Our Flow classes are a moving practice, offered in 3 levels -- vigorous, moderate and gentle. Our Restorative classes focus on stretching and relaxing your body, and are appropriate for all levels. If you’ve never done yoga before, our three week beginner’s series will teach you how to make yoga work for your body. Each week we will explore the poses, learn alignment that suits your body, and touch on our philosophy of yoga. Our knowledgeable teaching team will also help you discover the different styles of yoga we offer. For the more experienced yogi, we offer a variety of classes, in addition to workshops, teacher training, and community events. If you’re recovering from an injury or looking for a more personalized, one-on-one experience, we offer private yoga sessions. And our prenatal classes focus on breathing exercises as well as meditation to help you connect more deeply with yourself and your baby, while our postnatal classes are the perfect way to get back into (or start) yoga after having a baby. Not to mention we offer classes for tweens/teens, kids 4-6, kids 7-12, baby, tot & preschool! We focus on breath, play, try new poses, and believe laughing together is essential. We connect mind and body through flow. And above all, we lead our practice with love. Come in today and start your transformation with us.


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