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Bettering Lives of Outstanding Moms Meetings and Pregnancy Classes

Ed / Mommy Ed

Bettering Lives of Outstanding Moms: "More than just Pregnancy Classes" Located at Whole Foods Market @ Cityline for our support Meetings We are more of a support group for pregnant and postpartum mothers. We are finally offering our first meetings in the Dallas, TX area. If you don't live here, that is fine. We still have Facebook support groups and we plan to offer more BLOOM type meetings in all over the United States soon with our Facilitators. We also do offer prepared pregnancy courses for the local moms that might be interested in this; $30 a class to learn about pregnancy related things. These classes will be set up on an as need basis; so just ask about it and we will set up something for you; you must commit to at least 4 classes (we prefer 6). Thank you.


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