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Best Nail Polish Strips Yet

Mom / Beauty & Massage

Hey mommas! I just found a new product I am loving. If you are accustomed to having your nails done professionally but not able to due to pregnancy or time constraints I have an amazing NEW Product. I will admit I loved it and jumped in both feet. I have no time for anything extra. I am about to have two under two!! So I love mommy hacks. Check this out. I promise you won't be disappointed!! Nail polish strips!! These are soooo easy and fun to put on. Takes seconds!! (Check out my  fb video on my page) 100% nail polish, not a vinyl sticker . NOT LIKE JAMBERRY (no offense to jamberry lovers) but they require no heating, no tools, no liquid, glue or mess!!! It's the concept we all loved with the execution we all needed!! You can place orders at my website or message me for more info. If you'd like a sample (twosies- two nails)  just pm me your mailing address.   Message me for details. Check out my website at  Or my Facebook page @ColorStreetALong


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