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Dasha Tate – Birth & Postpartum Doula in Columbus, Ohio

<p>Hello Mamas, My name is Dasha Tate Doula and Owner of Faithful Birth Doula LLC. I focus on empowering women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with support in making their own decisions. I provide informational, comfort and spiritual support throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery. My goal is to help you have the birth you want and advocate for you to advocate for yourself. I also provide Postpartum Doula Services. I basically can be your personal home health aid. I can cook, clean, organize, babysit and educate when needed. My job is to make your life easier. Whether it's during childbirth or after you have the baby, you are the focus and you and your baby’s health and wellbeing are my first priority continuously.&nbsp;</p><p>​</p>


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