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Good Little SleeperZzz – Because Parents Deserve Sleep Too!

Ed / Mommy Ed

As a pediatric sleep consultant, I provide customized sleep plans that fit your lifestyle and sleep needs. I not only create a practical sleep (and nap) schedule to fit your busy life but also help support and guide you through the entire process so you never feel alone or confused. If you’re exhausted and have tried reading books, following other programs or maybe you’re just feeling lost with all the advise and information out there, let me help you (and your little one) get a good night’s sleep!My plans include:A preliminary evaluation with a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines.A private 90 minute consultation discussing sleep strategies, troubleshoot possible problems and learn how to handle naptimes, bedtime and night wakings.Your customized sleep plan will also come with plenty of support. Offering 24-hour phone, email, text and in-home support options to fit your needs.


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