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What is the key to a happy parent and baby?

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Imagine your baby is ready to wake up for the day and eat. After taking off the swaddle, you watch those arms shoot up as your baby stretches so big. Her eyes meet yours, greeting you with coos and a sweet smile. Feeding your baby is routine and bonding. Laying your baby to naps and night time sleep consists of a routine you both are used to, and while it may not be perfect, baby sleeps and you have time for yourself. You feel confident as a parent, knowing you are providing excellent care for you precious squish.  What is described above are some of the results of my services. My goal is to provide the postpartum experience you have been dreaming of since you found out that you were eating for two! Whether it be help around the house and with baby so you can recover from the birth, or getting baby to sleep through the night and have a predictable schedule during the day, I’ve got you covered! Working with children and families has been my passion and career for over a decade. I have had the pleasure of serving families of different backgrounds, religions, and needs. My services are geared toward your family, rather than being a one-size-fits-all service. I pull from my skills and knowledge as a newborn care specialist, sleep coach, postpartum doula, and lactation educator to provide a healing environment and enjoyable experience for postpartum families. 


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